afscmepeoplePrimary election day – tomorrow, Tuesday, March 18 – is finally here. It’s our time to stop billionaire Bruce Rauner in his union-busting tracks and end his efforts to become the next Scott Walker on steroids.

AFSCME recommends
KIRK DILLARD in the Republican primary
for Governor

Here’s what you can do to stop Bruce Rauner:

Be Sure to Vote! Polls are open Tuesday from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. To look up your polling place, click here.
Be sure to ask for a Republican ballot when you arrive at your polling place. Any registered voter may vote in the primary of their choice — whether you consider yourself a Republican, a Democrat or an independent. Even if you’ve never voted in a Republican primary before, you can do so this time.
Vote for Kirk Dillard in the Republican primary for governor.
Kirk Dillard is a longtime state senator and was chief of staff to Governor Jim Edgar. Dillard voted against pension-slashing Senate Bill 1 and respects public employees.

A vote for Kirk Dillard is a vote to stop Bruce Rauner and turn back the billionaire vulture capitalist’s attack on public employees, retirees and the broader middle class of our state. Rauner wants to cut your pay, end pensions and strip you of your right to have a union.

If every AFSCME family gets out and votes tomorrow for Kirk Dillard in the Republican primary for governor, we can stop Bruce Rauner now. Be sure you do your part.

Also here is a list others that we are endorsing:

Treasurer – Mike Frerichs (D)
Comptroller – Judy Baar Topinka (R)

U.S. Congress:

CD04 – Luis Gutierrez (D) – Chicago
CD13 – Ann Callis (D) – Southwestern Illinois

Illinois House of Representatives:

HD20 – Mo Khan (D) – Park Ridge
HD26 – Jhatayn “Jay” Travis (D) – Chicago
HD39 – Will Guzzardi (D) – Chicago
HD40 – Nancy Schiavone (D) – Chicago
HD42 – Adam Johnson (R) – DuPage County
HD79 – Kate Cloonen (D) – Kankakee
HD96 – Sue Scherer (D), Michael Bell (R) – Springfield
HD110 – Kevin Garner (R) – Southeastern Illinois

Illinois Appellate Court:

1st District (Gordon Vacancy) – Freddrenna M. Lyle (D)