novemberAFSCME Local 2224 Newsletter:

Letter from the President:
Gary Kroeschel:

Happy Holidays to everyone!!

It has been a very long 2013 Union wise, I am looking forward to a better 2014. I was reading our first newsletter of the 2013; it mentions our contract fight and the billion dollar give back the employer was demanding. This seems so long ago and really it was only a few months ago when we ratified the contract with raises and limited health care cost increases.

President’s personal privilege, I get to mention my family.  My son will turn 11 this January and my daughter will turn 8½, talk about time flying.

I would also like to Thank my wife Tanya, she gets to hear my complaints and take care of the house and getting the kids here and there when I am away at meetings etc.

Brothers and Sisters, the very best to you all, I look forward to 2014!

BCCS EUC Outsource update:

As of 12/04/13, there is no additional info to report on. CMS is still considering but has not made a determination. We will do everything in our power to protect their jobs.

December and January Membership Meetings cancelled:

At the November 18, 2013 Membership meeting, a motion was passed to cancel the December, 2013 and January, 2014 Membership meetings. December is the norm and the January meeting would have fallen on a holiday, Martin Luther King’s Birthday.