Thanks to everyone for their hard work getting our contract done, we can bargain all we can for 24×7, support at the worksites is the only way to win a fair contract. Is the greatest contract we have ever had, probably not, considering the circumstances, it is a fair contract.
In Local 2224, we ratified the contract overwhelmingly, 623 yes votes and 12 no votes being cast. Statewide, was similar with over 90% voting yes, the official numbers have not been released as of yet. The contract is not signed as of yet, still pending proof reading, this goes back and forth between C-31 staff and CMS staff.
Of course in the spring legislative session, they do not approve the appropriations for our recently negotiated contract, still wanting to take away pension benefits etc. So our fight continues.
Activists – A big thanks to all of you, without you guys, it would have been so much more difficult getting the info out. Yes we got a lot of info out.
We can certainly use additional Activists and Stewards, please contact Katie Zarack, Recording Secretary or Tony Moore, VP, if you wish to volunteer.
5 New Union Stewards:
Please welcome from CMS, Sadie Broyles, Chrystal Filson, Bessie Haak, Kay Young and from IDES, Deb Perino. All just completed their 2 day training and have hit the ground running.

Step Raises
Please see the memo dated 04/18/13 concerning step raises owed to employees going back to 07/01/12. CMS has instructed the agencies to take steps to get this accomplished.