may2014Letter from the President:
Gary Kroeschel

CMS/BCCS EUC continues to be an issue with the use of contractors there and potential Outsourcing of the area. CMS has posted several positions there yet have made no attempt to stop the use of contractors nor have they agreed to not outsource the area. We have another arbitration scheduled for 06/03/14.

AFSCME Local 2224 requesting contract change suggestions.

If you have any suggestions to change anything covered by the contract please email or inbox our Facebook page or send them via the US Post Office to our P.O. Box or give to your Union Steward. Something brief, with Article, section and page of contract, we will need your name and phone number in case we have questions. We would like to have the changes by 06/30/14.

Email: or inbox our Facebook page

US Mail address:
AFSCME Local 2224
PO Box 2463
Springfield, Il 62705

Contract Change Example:

Joe Blow, 123-4567

Article X, Section1, page 21: I would like to see 1 vacation day added to a)-f).

06/16/14 Membership Meeting location change:

We will meet at 05:30 pm at our normal Union meeting place on South 6th street for the June meeting.

Where:        United Mine Workers Building
3965 South Street
Springfield, Il.
When:        Monday, 06/16/14
Time:        5:30

Election results from the 05/19/14 election to the International Convention in Chicago in July.

At the meeting a motion was passed to allow a 3rd delegate to attend. Those elected were:

Bessie Haak    –     CMS
Tony Moore    –    DCEO
Karyn Williams    –    DFPR