Letter from the President:

Gary Kroeschel: 

I want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays..as I reflect, it is very hard to believe my son turns 10 next month and my daughter 7 ½. Where has the time went..

This has been a tough of a year as I have had in state government. Thanks to everyone who has attended our State House Inn meetings, pickets and helped pass out our info.

Wednesday’s are AFSCME Green days:

We want to show Management our solidarity by wearing green on Wednesday’s. If you don’t have one of the Union shirts, anything green will work. Pins and lanyards are available too.

12/11/12-12/13/12 Contract Negotiations: 

We are basically at a standstill. The employer wants to do away with set costs for Insurance and go to a percentage based that the CMS Director would decide each year. If we agreed to their proposals for 3 year contract, you will take home more in 2013, than you will in 2014 and you will take home even less again in 2015. This is a sliding scale that goes the wrong way.

We offered no wage increase this year, if they agreed to no insurance cost increases; this was the first time they responded quickly. Within 20 minutes, they returned with “unacceptable, we want increases.” The fact is, they want us to pay 300 million more the next 3 years. Also they want zero wage increases, including zero step raises.

We have a potentially big decision to make, can we afford to strike for a few days and lose a onetime x amount of money…or not strike and lose way more money than this each month and year. Don’t forget this effects your pension too. It is time to get real.

No new date has been scheduled for next session.

BTW – There is no employee deemed Essential in State Government as defined by the Labor Board.