Letter from the President:
garyGary Kroeschel:

September, 15, 2014 will my last day serving as President of AFSCME Local 2224. I wanted to say how proud and honored I am to have been allowed to serve 17 years as President. I believe Local 2224 is as fine a Local Union as there is in AFSCME, Council 31.

Funny I’ve grown up with Local 2224, I’ve served as Steward or Officer for 25 years. Even my 17 years serving as President, I’ve gotten married to an incredibly understanding and proud Local 2224 Union Member, my wife Tanya. She has had to do a lot in my absence to keep things running at home while my duties required me to be away. My son is now 11 and my daughter is 9, it amazes everyday how fast they have grown and how much they have going on daily in their lives. The last few years it has become a balancing act for what our Union has asked of me and my family responsibilities.

The election results will be on the next page. Tony Moore will replace me as President. I have complete confidence in his ability to run this Local. Heck, I’ve always said, if I could be President, anyone could. I personally wish Tony and all the Board Members only the very best, we are lucky to have such dedicated volunteer Leaders. I hope everyone understands, their Local Union Stewards and Officers are volunteers and we could certainly use more.

Having shared all this, I am not going anywhere, I am still 100% Union, a Union Steward and I will continue to be a Union Activist. I want to do my very best to keep our Billionaire Governor candidate Bruce Rauner from being elected. If elected, this could mean the end of collective bargaining as we know it, layoffs, closures and if still we still have a job, not making what we currently do. Always makes me shake my head when a Billionaire with offshore tax shelters and paid zero in taxes, tells the citizens of Illinois, State employees make way too much money, have enormous pensions and are the cause of all financial problems in Illinois. I wish I made enough to have to worry about having to hide money offshore.

President’s Report:
Gary Kroeschel:

I am proud to announce the Officer election results from 08/18/14, serving 2 year terms:

President – Tony Moore, DCEO
Vice President – Bessie Haak, CMS
Treasurer – Jennifer Tuttle, CMS
Recording Sec – Gina Growe, DCEO
Executive Board (3)
Sherry Flynn, CMS
Rick Turner, DCEO
Lorraine Wareham, DCEO
Trustee – Kelly Kruger, DOI, 3 year term

08/06/14 Delegate election results, this was to attend contract negotiations, 5 elected:

Gina Growe, DCEO
Lorraine Wareham, DCEO
Gary Kroeschel, CMS
Tony Moore, DCEO
Rick Turner, DCEO

With Thanks, Dignity and Solidarity,

Gary Kroeschel
President, 1997-2014
AFSCME Local 2224