Letter from the President:

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to come out and re-ratify the contract. I’ve been a
Union activist for many years; I have never seen anything like this before.

Concerning our Pensions, the fight continues as I type this today, the Governor showed
his displeasure with the Legislature by vetoing their salaries and pay increases. He was
displeased with their slow movement in raiding our Pension’s.

It was nice finally reaching a settlement on our contract, the family and I took a non-
Disney Florida vacation at the end of June. Kids had never seen the ocean before and had
great time.

Everyone Take Care and enjoy the rest of the summer!!

CMS Worker’s Comp Unit:

As of June 30th, the CMS Workers Comp unit has been outsourced. This was an odd
choice, it will not save money. They had tried to do this a couple times over the last few
years, each time they could not prove better efficiency or economical factors.

So, our fine legislative folks took the issue up, they passed a law to Outsource this area,
regardless if any savings to tax payers. This should be a crime.

IDES Layoffs:

You would have believed the way the agency went about the layoffs, there was zero
unemployment in Illinois. Now they want to close additional IDES offices, including the
Decatur IDES office(s), very nice timing with CAT laying off 400. To add insult to injury
to the CAT employees, now drive over to Springfield for your IDES unemployment

Call to C-31 State Convention Election Notification:

Per Article VI of the AFSCME Local 2224 Constitution, Local 2224 would like to
formally announce the special nomination and election of delegate(s) to the
AFSCME C-31 State Convention.

Nominations and election of delegates will take place at the following time and place:

Date: Monday, 08/19/13
Time: 5:30 pm until business is complete.
Place: United Mine Workers Office
3965 South 6th Street
Springfield, Il.