AFSCME doesn’t normally address rumors, but this one is too dangerous to ignore: Talk in Springfield is centered on a supposed plan by House Speaker Michael Madigan to strip state employees of their right to negotiate over health insurance costs and benefits.

The union has not yet been able to verify whether these rumors are true, and no such bill language has been released. But a shell amendment introduced late yesterday by a prominent Democrat does pertain to the state group health insurance plan.

If the rumors are accurate, this represents nothing less than a direct attack on state workers’ fundamental right to collective bargaining. Negotiating health care benefits and coverage is just as vital as bargaining over wages and other benefits.

AFSCME members need to take action now to stop this potential threat in its tracks.

Call your state representative and senator NOW! Use the toll-free AFSCME hotline, 888-912-5959, or our online Click-to-Call tool.
Tell your legislators to OPPOSE any bill that might be introduced that would take away state employees’ right to negotiate over health care.

We cannot stand idle while politicians plot to take away the basic rights of state workers. Call your lawmakers now! Make two calls, one to your state rep and one to your senator.

Via AFSCME Council 31