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Letter from the President: Gary Kroeschel

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and it’s already February, 2014. I normally do not take off around the holidays but I did take a couple days off this year to spend with the family and had a great time.

I guess I need to get one thing off my chest about one of governor candidates trying to say he is a billionaire outsider. He claims all the state’s financial problems are caused by its Union workforce. I think we all know what would happen to us if we had no Union and a guy like this was elected. His belief is minimum wage is way too much for the state’s workforce, unless they are friends with him. You can read more on this in Director Bayer’s article included in the newsletter.

I would also like to say goodbye to some of my friends who retired, Barb Fair, IDES. I served with Barb since I became a Union activist and Steward way back in the late 1980’s. Barb has always been worried about others before herself.

Also, Tom Rebbe and Ralph Weller both from CMS retired, I worked with them my whole state career.

New FPR Steward:

Please welcome Karyn Williams, she comes from a DOC Local where she was a Local Union Officer and Steward.

We are One Lawsuit:

In case you had not heard, the We Are One Coalition has filed suit to block the Pension cuts the Governor signed into law on 01/28/14 in Sangamon County.