Letter from the President:

Gary Kroeschel:

First I wanted to say Thanks to all those who help pass out our Contract negotiation information or I suppose the lack of negotiations. There are few volunteers and many, many members. It’s not perfect but far better than we have ever done in the past.

We met the week of 02/06/13-02/08/13, the employer did not budge their zero salary increases or their huge health care cost increases proposals. CMS did close with, they will not negotiate forever. The only thing CMS moved off of was; they put Columbus Day back on as a holiday. They still want a Billion dollars in take backs and a lump sum $200 raise the 3rd year of the contract.

We meet again the week of 02/25/13-02/27/13, I hold out little hope CMS will move off their positions. It is time to get very real on how we feel about a potential strike.

Included in this newsletter; strike related material, latest bargaining update etc.

Strike Assessments:

Strike assessments forms, if we haven’t spoke to you, please let Tony Moore know, his phone number is 503-0731. AFSCME will also be doing a phone bank to reach out.

Wednesday’s are AFSCME Green days:

We want to show Management our solidarity by wearing green on Wednesday’s. If you don’t have one of the Union shirts, anything green will work. Pins and lanyards are available too.