On 08/29/13, we held a negotiation session with CMS and BCCS over the “contemplating” the Outsourcing of End User Computing (EUC). Representing BCCS was Rich Fetter, Julie Moscardelli and Contractor/Kerry Wycoff. Rich claims this is a efficiency issue not a financial issue, even though they supplied projected cost savings document if they used contractors vs. State of Illinois employees. They admitted the lack of staffing is the biggest issue there and everywhere within BCCS. CMS and BCCS also admitted EUC has never pushed out so many desktop pc’s and laptops; over 8000 in the last year with less staff. This whole thing stinks and sadly there seemed to be zero remorse on the employer’s side. We are going to try and schedule the next meeting in September.

Our team walked away feeling that CMS and BCCS believes this is a done deal and they are only going through the motions, we hope we are wrong. We will continue to fight this fight, if we allow it here, where will it stop.. – Gary Kroeschel President (Local 2224)

I would like to compliment CMS BCCS – particularly End User Computing (EUC) – management and staff for a very successful EEV/IES PC rollout. Over the course of calendar year 2013, CMS has installed more than 4,100 PCs and laptops at over 100 DHS facilities. The majority of the installs went very well – and those that had minor hiccups were promptly addressed.

This project was a huge undertaking and done with no time for planning. CMS EUC was able to get the project completed well within the go live date of Oct 1, giving our staff the much needed time to get accustomed to their new Windows 7 workstations.

This project involved many different groups from within CMS and was a true collaborative effort. So to all of CMS BCCS, here’s to a job well done and I’m looking forward to our next large deployment!


Julie Hagele
Department of Human Services
Deputy CIO

*Despite the threat of Outsourcing, EUC continues to prove their worth keeping.